Thursday, May 1, 2008

Technical Resources

Here are some useful technical resources for eValid users:
  • Take a few minutes to watch some of our Annotated/Animated Movies. You'll find seven that show how eValid works from the GUI level, and three that deal with specific testing situations.
  • If you run into a tricky problem testing a website, you might consider checking out the 40+ entries in our Worked Solutions Resource. You'll find a wide range of already-worked examples showing how eValid solves typical testing situations.
  • For general eValid usage you may wish to check into the set of our "top 99" Power User Tips & Tricks. They cover everything from simple functional testing to detailed LoadTest experiment development.
  • If you have a technical issue with eValid remember that you can use the Submit Script to eValid option in the Help Pulldown option.

If you wish, you can post a comment on this Blog entry and we will answer your question here and/or send you an email.

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