Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Selected Recent Forum Posts

Here are some recent selected forum posts from our eValid forum:

Question about monitoring -- Here is a simple introduction the eValid as a monitoring agent.

Will eValid work with Plugins -- A commonly asked questions delineating the limits.

Performance measurements during load testing -- An outline of the data you can extract.

A way for eValid to output log files to an excel structure -- Switching between formats is easy in eValid.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

eValid Server Migration Process in Progress

The machines that serve the different sub-websites that are part of the Software Research, Inc. family of products and services are being upgraded.

Between now and mid-January you may experience loss of connectivity to certain websites. 

We mention this possibility in an abundance of caution; we do not expect there will be any actual interruptions.

If you are an eValid Commercial License user we have taken extra precautions and we we expect to have zero loss of service of any kind. 

Even in the very unlikely chance that there is a loss of connectivity, we have provided all Commercial License customers with backup short-term licenses to use if connectivity is lost.