Monday, May 19, 2008

13th ICRST, 16-20 June 2008, Venice, Italy

This the conference EVERYBODY wants to go to, because of the technical content of course, but perhaps also because of the location: ICRST 2008. You can tell that "location" is important when the top page of a conference web page opens up with a Google Map picture showing the location right on the banks of the Lido de Venezia. Think of the quality of the environment, and the food...

ICRST is one of the longest-running conferences in the field devoted to real-world applications of all kinds of quality technologies. Historically, ICRST's industrial presentations have been very stong, having become in effect the venue of choice for disclosure of important results on real-world reliabilty and quality work. This year's program follows that tradition.

Oh, one more detail that may or may not be important: it seems that one of the vaporetta stops is right in front of the conference venue. How convenient! How delightful!

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