Saturday, May 17, 2008

Backbase/Duke's Bookstore Example

AJAX continues to be an area of strong interest in web testing, and in AJAX applications there seems to be two recurring issues: playback time access to the DOM, and playback synchronization.

To illustrate how to do both of these we've put together the Backbase/Duke's Bookstore Example & Demonstration Script. The main feature of the script is the use of a DOM value to achieve the required playback synchronization. To do this required some investigation of the page properties using the eValid PageMap feature. As you can see from the example script several variations of the SyncOnSelectedObjProperty command were used. Note that the synchronizations are done 100% inside the browser (i.e. they do not require use of the desktop); this means two or more of these same scripts could be running in parallel if you wished (or need to).

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