Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Index Motion Commands Available

We've added two commands to the powerful DOM Element Manipulation/Motion command set:
  • IndexValidateObjProperty -- checks whether the current sourceIndex has a particular value. This assumes you've already used an IndexFind command to locate the element you're looking for, and now you want to confirm that the specified property of that element has a particular value.
  • IndexSaveObjProperty -- saves the value of the current sourceIndex in a file for later comparison/validation. Similar to the above, you can print out the current value of the selected element's named property for separate confirmation/validation.

This capability effectively extends eValid DOM manipulation to include validating page elements entirely independent of page structure. Tests constructed with this approach are nearly immune to dynamic page changes!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Web Testing Workshop (July 2008)

This workshop may be of interest to our readers because it focuses now (in a change from the past) on EVERY aspect of web application testing and validation: Workshop on Testing, Analysis and Verification of Web Software. This highly specialized workshop is being held in conjunction with ISSTA 2008, also a well known and highly reputed conference of many years running.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

PerformanceTest Success Story

Here's a summary of a PerformanceTest Project that we recently completed.

The main feature of this project was use of the eValid test engine to analyze the capacity of an industry leader's server complex, to provide confidence just prior to a big promotional effort.

To do this we created a set of eValid scripts that closely approximated "from the field" data about how the web application was used. Then we ran a series of tests to help pinpoint performance shortcomings, so that the web hosting team could make critical changes before the release date. This prevented a PR nightmare and serious loss of income for the client.

This writeup is one of a series of eValid Success Stories.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Desktop Safe, Dynamic Page Adaptive, Playback Method

If you have a website where the pages are dynamic -- so that the indexes of where things are on the page change around from day to day -- you may have a situation that is beyond the ability of the eValid Adaptive Playback feature to compensate. For example, if you had the following command in your script:

FollowLink 0 503 ""

this could be replaced with the the 2-command sequence:

IndexElementFind 0 DOWN "nameProp" "uniqueName" "" IndexFollowLink 0

Alternatively, you could also use this 2-command sequence:

IndexElementFind 0 DOWN "nameProp" "uniqueName" ""
IndexElementClick 0 ""

You can use the eValid PageMap feature to identify the appropriate values for nameProp and uniqueName.