Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Commercial Licenses for eValid Available

eValid has a license option that gives a corporate user a very flexible way to apply eValid operations in a wide range of commercial activities. An eValid Commercial License runs on a web-authenticated basis and can be configured for any combination of eValid features.


Edward said...

There's a rumor going around that
you guys sell eValid tests at
$0.01 per test...

Is that true?

Does this mean I can run a monitoring service and ask,
say,$0.10 per test and that's OK with you?

(Post your answere here!)

eValid™ Web Testing & Analysis Suite said...

Yes, that's correct.

$0.01 per test -- which means, per each complete eValid playback -- is the marginal price for commercial monitoring type testing, plus the basic subscription fee (which varies with the number of services offered, the number of machines used, etc).

Let us know if you want further details.