Monday, May 12, 2008

eValid Maps Live AJAX Example Illustrates Motion Command Operation

The Microsoft Maps Live site is a sophisticated AJAX application that has some powerful features that are very difficult to test.

As an illustration of how well eValid handles the Maps Live application here is an example script description, Microsoft Maps Live AJAX Testing Demonstration. The writeup includes a description of the properties of the application, what makes it difficult to test, and how we approached the test script development. There are two examples:
  • Script #1 illustrates searching and validating within the Maps Live system.
  • Script #2 shows how eValid searches for a particular location and then shows a particular map sequence indicating where that location is.
The most important feature of these examples is that in playback mode (as might be used in monitoring) both examples are entirely Desktop Safe scripts without requiring use of Lock/Unlock commands.

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Edward said...

Can you please explain in detail
how you came up with the synchronization commands?

Was that magic or what?

Give us the details!