Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Selected Recent Forum Posts

Here are some selected posts from our eValid forum:

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Testing Microsoft Office 365

Some applications are easier to test than others, and some can be quite tricky. The login process for Microsoft's Office 365 system is an example of a tricky one.

What makes it hard to test is the fact that the login page interacts with a Microsoft site and only lets you log in to your account if the page recognizes your login account name as one for which a password exists. If it doesn't recognize the login name, the site will navigate you to a page that invites you to set up an account. Which is fair enough -- that is much more secure. But this interaction happens on a keystroke-by-keystroke basis and that's inconvenient when testing.

The solution is to dig around inside the page and identify the correct place into which to insert both the complete (working) account name and the complete (working) password.

Here is the completely worked example that shows all the details. Obviously we are not showing the actual logins here.

        Testing Microsoft Office 365 with eValid V9