Wednesday, May 14, 2008

eValid Product Review (Spanish)

In response to a query on a blog titled "Because Your Son Could Be A Tester", Mr. Raul Sanchez Echeverria posted a very nice eValid Review (Spanish). It's a positive review, but we do think that he missed a couple of points. Here's what we posted on his Blog to augment his comments:
  • It turns out that normal-page sync is built in and automatic — using 6+ different page complete signals, and this includes frames. For AJAX applications there exist eValid commands to do that work — but they require some knowledge of the AJAX application.
  • Interaction with JavaScript is pretty much automatic, also, but you need to turn "mouseover recording" ON to get the best results. Moreoever, if that is insufficient there is a family of built-in DOM manipulation commands that give you direct access to each element on the page by its DOM characteristics.
  • On comparing images, did you not see the Validate Selected Image command? It records the checksum of the image so you don't have to save the images and compare them separately (but of course you can do that if you wish).
  • LoadTest runs are limited by RAM and if you use the THIN playback engine you can get 200+ per PC image. It is possible to consolidate all of the data from multiple PC images, and there is a utility to do that for you, but in LoadTest runs the main thing is to impose load on the server.
Thanks once again to Raul for his deligent work.

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About when will the English version be available?