Sunday, July 15, 2012

Selected User Forum Posts

Beginning in mid-2010 we have directed all technical support questions to the eValid User Forum. We have learned that when one user has an issue, all users can profit from the answer.

Here is an additional selection of some of the posts that we think would be of general interest.

  1. How important is "realism" in load testing? -- Some of the background on how eValid assures realistic testing. 
  2. Time Modal Dialogs -- Hints on timing modal dialogs.
  3. Can eValid test AJAX apps that run on mobile devices? -- Dressing eValid to look like a mobile device that runs an AJAX app. 
  4. eValid record from the Google search input field -- Recording in the presence of an autocomplete input field. 
  5. Which databases and which monitoring environments -- Suggestions about capturing and displaying eValid monitoring data.

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