Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Handling Modal Dialogs in Microsoft Dynamics

The Microsoft Dynamics application providespowerful tools for CRM and ERP in a very powerful and sophisticated online context.

As part of a recent customer support exercise some issues arose in having eValid process some Microsoft Dynamics modal dialogs. Actually, these problem the customer had was being able to successfully dismiss (terminate) a modal that was launched as part of a normal test.

Two routes to dismissing the modal dialog are discussed. One uses an available eValid utility eVclick.exe that sends a left click to a particular spot on the desktop after a fixed time delay. The time delay allows the modal page fully render before being dismissed.

The other route involves using the Dashboard to switch eValid from normal recording mode -- after the modal page appears -- into Desktop Recording mode, where the modal can be dismissed easily.

Our solution is described in detail in Testing Microsoft Dynamics -- Modal Dialog Processing.

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