Monday, October 24, 2011

Using evalid With An AJAX Autocomplete Functionality

This scripting example investigates how eValid can be used to validate an AJAX autocomplete function. The two variants of the script shown below operate as follows:
  1. Introduce a partial string into the text area, for example evali.
  2. Capture the contents of the DOM after the AJAX activity has provided some suggested completions.
  3. Confirm that a required string, for example evalid, is present within the available suggestions presented by the autocomplete feature.

The goal of the script is to confirm that, among all of the possible suggested completions, that the target evalid string is among the options presented. If successful, this process effectively validates operation of the AJAX autocomplete function by confirming its results with known (expected) data.

Here is the link to the full solution description: Checking AJAX Autocomplete Functionality

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