Friday, October 14, 2011

Selected User Forum Posts

Beginning in mid-2010 we have directed all technical support questions to the eValid User Forum. We have learned that when one user has an issue, all users can profit from the answer.

Here is an additional selection of some of the posts that we think would be of general interest.

  1. Can eValid test applications using GWT and Vaadim? -- Tricks in testing a specialzed application
  2. Complex Synchronizations -- Is there a resource problem?
  3. Keep Separate Cookies -- More about saving your cookies!
  4. Can eValid detect graphic differences in my app's GUI? -- Methods to confirm graphics are described.
  5. Use of the cache during server load test -- Details on cache locking.
  6. Can you guys run a monitor on a smart phone app? -- Mobile monitoring.
  7. Run a batch mode scan? -- Background site analysis.
  8. Why does eValid base its operation on IE? -- Justifications for IE dependence.
  9. Can eValid test IPhones? -- How to spoof iPhones.
  10. Pretending to be a mobile client -- More about mobile client emulation.

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