Friday, March 25, 2011

Webinar: All About AJAX Testing: Functional + Monitor + Load

Functional Testing of AJAX Applications
Provisioning AJAX Scripts for Monitoring
AJAX Server Loading and Capacity Checking

Wednesday, 30 March 2011
2:00 PM Eastern Time / 11:00 AM Pacific Time

This consolidated approach demonstrates how eValid becomes a genuine force multiplier in your AJAX web application testing, monitoring, and loading efforts. eValid is a self-contained one-stop solution for all three of the most important quality and performance issues of 2011 for AJAX web applications:

  • Achieving effective functional testing of an AJAX application.
  • Confirming continual correct AJAX application operation (monitoring).
  • Estimating required AJAX application server capacity needs.

The eValid suite meets all of these requirements in a single easy-to-use and easy-to-understand solution. eValid doesn't require programming skill, doesn't need special plugins or adaptors. eValid runs quickly and efficiently, and you'll arrive at a web quality solution days or weeks earlier.

In this webinar you'll learn these important lessons:
  • AJAX Functional Testing: How to record perfectly reliable AJAX tests, out-of-the-box, including complex AJAX playback synchronization issues.
  • Readying AJAX Tests for Monitoring: How to provision an eValid script for use in client-side monitoring, including interfacing the results into popular reporting engines.
  • Creating LoadTest Scenarios: How to insert functional tests into a server loading scenario that can run 100,s, 1,000's or even 10,000's of browser users (BUs).
  • Realistic Data: How to extract detailed performance data from each BU's activity.

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