Friday, March 4, 2011

Dynamic ID Tags: Testing OracleCRM With Geometric Tests

We have had several requests from our user community for details about applying eValid to the Oracle CRM On Demand application. It seems that one of the main issues with this application is that the implementation uses a special kind of dynamically assigned ID tags, which are updated to new values each time the application is launched. This "feature" defeats eValid's built-in Adaptive Playback feature: when a recording is made it works perfectly but later, when run in batch mode, it fails.

The way to overcome this is with a special kind of geometric testing, which works on explicitly identified pivot points on the web page that don't change (as the implicit ID tags do). Our worked-example writeup, Oracle CRM On Demand -- Example #1 , shows an original recorded "from life" script with quick structural and geometric script modifications that overcome the problem of dyamically assigned ID tag values.

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