Wednesday, July 7, 2010

User Forum Posts

Beginning in mid-2010 we have directed all technical support questions to the eValid User Forum. We have learned that when one user has an issue, all users can profit from the answer.

Here is an additional selection of some of the posts that we think would be of general interest.

  • What's The Impact Of This On The "Reality" Of The Playbacks? -- The cache is a unitary resource, and eValid instances must share it during multiple-BU playbacks, but, this turns out to be a conservative assumption.
  • Making A Recording Versus Scripting A Test -- The eValid approach makes creating the script so easy, our recommended approach is to "record first, script later".
  • Why is having a lot of BUs running such a big deal? -- For many modern web applications -- especially those which use AJAX methods -- having an actual user do the test playback assures 100% realism.
  • Structural Testing For Web Apps -- There are special eValid "structural testing" commands that allow a script to be completely independent of inconsequential page changes.
  • A Sequence of HTTP References -- There is a special facility in eValid to generate a sequence of HTTP Get's that correspond to the actual sequence of page components that comprise a full page download.
  • Microsoft SkyDrive Applications -- The Microsoft SkyDrive based applications -- common office utilities like a word processor or a spreadsheet -- actually test quite well with eValid, but they are among the more challenging applications to test.
  • Link Checking -- There's a special eValid dynamic link check command that automatically visits every link on a page, even when the page is generated dynamically.
  • Constant ID Tags -- When a web page has permanently-assigned ID tags the theses can "pivot" on those internal identifies, but even when the ID tags are dynamic it is still possible to obtain reliable tests.
  • Running A Very Large Scan -- When the eValid site analysis "spider" is scanning a website you have to remember that to do its work properly eValid has to download every page. If the page it scans to is "bad" for some reason then that may stop the scan.

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