Monday, August 4, 2008

User Agent String Modification

We get a lot of questions about where eValid stands in relation to implementation on non-IE browsers, and in particular, when we'll have a Firefox version available. While we're not quite ready to announce any dates on that, you can rest assured that the Firefox version is on the product roadmap!

In the meantime, what can eValid offer to someone who wants to see if a particular application works (or perhaps equally as important, doesn't work) on a particular browser. It turns out that eValid has this nifty "SetUserAgent" command that may be helpful in that kind of testing.

The SetUserAgent command lets eValid "pretend" to be any browser you wish it to be, during a particular test session. This feature can be used to validate server behavior that involves alternative responses based on browser type (including, as the example will illustrate, denial of support to specific browsers). The User Agent string manipulation feature is also available at the command line interface.

Here is the Illustration of User Agent String Modification example. Let us know how you like it?

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