Monday, August 11, 2008

Control Mode Transition Diagram

During a test recording eValid can be in a number of states, and the current state affects how user actions are recorded in the script. The Control Mode Diagram indicates how these modes interact. Here is a quick summary of the available control mode toggles:

* F11: Absolute clicks

* Ctrl-F11: Absolute mouseovers

* Alt-F11: Element mouseovers

* F12: Application Mode

* Ctrl-F12: Desktop Mode

In practice when you are making a recording you may need to toggle into and out of these modes based on what you see eValid recording in the script window. It's a good bet that if you take an action and nothing happens in the script window that you will either (a) need to use one of the above-defined options or (b) mark that part of your script as needing manual modification.

One way or the other, you can always arrive at a script that plays back reliably. 99.99% of the time that's just by recording "from life".

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