Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Corporate e-Communications Award (CECA)

eValid, our South Africa business partner BlueRiverStone, and a number of additional sponsorsing organizations, are mounting the Corporate e-Communication Award for 2008. Awards for this study are expected to be announced in mid-October 2008.

eValid's role in this competitive analysis is to perform the detailed technical evaluations of the candidate companies' websites. After we complete the scans we publish the information collected to each organization so they can have the opportunity to update their website to overcome any anomalies difficulties that the eValid scan identified.

In prior years a similar eValid methodology was used, to very good effect, for several similar website quality competitions and contests, some reported in the Financial Mail, and some published independently by BlueRiverStone. Here are several of the reports.

In all of these studies, the eValid site analysis scans were used as the basis of the the technical analysis scores, using data from runs we made from our facility here in San Francisco. Kudos to Ian Kruger for his great work in exploiting the data derived from this super eValid application!

We'll bring you more details about how the contest works out in future entires.

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Joseph Russo said...

I couldn't believe my trophies arrived the next day, corporate recognition awards and with engraving! The price was great, the product was perfect,