Sunday, July 27, 2008

Demonstration Yahoo User Interface (YUI) Application

You've probably heard of GWT. But have you heard of YUI?

YUI, the Yahoo User Interface, is a collection of very powerful JavaScript libraries and "widgets" that offer a web developer -- and a an AJAX application developer -- a very powerful collection of ready-to-use objects and interfaces. YUI is widely used, as evidenced by this Yahoo! User Interface Library: Sites Powerd by YUI page.

eValid works well with these sites because the YUI approach is pure-JavaScript all the way. We worked up an example YUI (Yahoo User Interface) Demonstration Script to illustrate how this works. The example handles making a reservation on the SouthWest Airlines website.

This example shows that eValid handles YUI-built applications and also illustrates use of eValid's IndexMotion commands and internal timer commands to create a script that could serve well in functional testing, regression test, and monitoring test roles.

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