Thursday, July 17, 2008

3rd Google Test Automation Conference (GTAC)

Google sponsored the first GTAC in New York last August, and now they have organized a second rendition. The official Call For Attendance: GTAC 2008 gives details about how to apply for a spot to attend. Google is very generous: it pays for the conference in its entirety.

Here's the list of scheduled presentations (in alphabetic order by paper title):
  • Advances in Automated Software Testing Technologies, by Elfriede Dustin
  • Atom Publishing Protocol, Testing a Server Implementation, by David Calavera
  • Automated Model-Based Testing of Web Applications, by Oluwaseun Akinmade and Prof. Atif M Memon
  • Boosting Your Testing Productivity with Groovy, by Andres Almiray
  • Deployment and Test Automation: Extending the Notion of 'Done' to 'System Tested on a Production Deployment', by Marc-Elian Begin
  • JInjector: a Coverage and End-To-End Testing Framework for J2ME and RIM, by Julian Harty, Olivier Gaillard, and Michael Sama
  • Practicing Testability in the Real World, by Vishal Chowdhary
  • Taming the Beast: How to test an AJAX Application, by Markus Clermont and John Thomas
  • The New Genomics: Software Development at Petabyte Scale, by Matt Wood
  • The Value of Small Tests, by Christopher Semturs

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Allen said...

Actually this is the third GTAC. The first was in London in 2006, second in New York in 2007, and the third in Seattle in 2008.