Monday, October 27, 2014

Special ONE Performance Testing Offer

Our fixed price performance test projects can give you a tremendous amount of insight for ONE very attractive combination of features and delivery times.
  • ONE test script — you get to choose.
  • ONE KPI (Key Performance Indicator) within that test.
  • ONE thousand Browser Users (BUs) ramped up over ONE thousand seconds.
  • In ONE elapsed week from start to finish.
  • At ONE low, very affordable price: < $1K.
Our experience shows that 99% of the time the 1-1,000 users ramp-up will identify all your web application performance problems. In other words, you'll get your bottleneck answers quickly. Here is a summary of this special ONE Offer. You can order your ONE Test Project here.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Selected Recent Forum Posts

Here are some selected posts from our eValid forum:

Question regarding Virtual Users -- Some of the details about VUs vs. BUs.

Test brittleness question -- Why making tests as bulletproof as possible is a good thing!

Script modifying question -- Some of the factoids about script editing!

Differences between the kinds of testing -- How testing devices, tablets, PCs, smartphones are alike -- and differences.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Selected Recent Forum Posts

Here are some selected posts from our eValid forum:

eValid taking a long time to load a page -- Here is a question about possible performance issues when you are using eValid to scan a web page using a regular respression (R.E.) match criteria.

A way to record Alarm commands w/o having to edit them -- Editing eValid commands is really easy, but it seems it is always better of the test engineer can record every thing -- including Alarms -- from the GUI. Here's how...

Help with ID tags that are autogenerated... -- Always a problem because ID tags are so important to keep constant to simplify testing. But here are some ways to overcome this issue.

My application doesn't display well on eValid -- If the web server uses "non-standard" constructions, i.e. HTML that does not meet the minimal standard that is imposed by IE, then you can expect problems. Here is some detail on how to contend with this.