Friday, September 21, 2007

New Site Analysis Report Structure

We have revised the organization and presentation of the site analysis reports -- nearly twenty of them -- to make them easier to use and easier to manipulate. Here is the description of the new Site Analysis Report Selection page.

eValid site analysis users will also appreciate a rework of the material that describes the setup of the eValid spidering process by using the eValid Site Analysis Settings page.

During the spidering process, eValid applies "filters" to each page that is downloaded, and these are set up as described in the eValid Filters Setup page.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Google Search and Visible Text Result Confirmation

There was a presentation at the the GTAC conference aimed at finding ways to confirm correct and well-performing operation of multiple Google search engine top pages from a variety of countries. This example was prompted by that presentation.

The test requirement is to confirm, in a very simple manner if possible, whether a standard search page (with standard namings of elements), used in a variety of countries, works acceptably well. And, maybe along the way, figure out how long a chosen search actually takes.

The eValid solution uses the built in "motion commands" so that the resulting script that does the work parametrically is very short and is 100% desktop safe.

Full details are found at Google Search and Visible Text Confirmation. You'll see that we were able to run 15 instances of the script -- i.e. for 15 different Google home pages -- in just under 40 seconds. Comments on how to further simplify this are welcome!