Friday, April 12, 2013

SalesForce Example Runs At Full Speed

We have heard from several users and potential users asking whether the SalesForce example script we used in our SalesForce Example 1 writeup could be played back faster? And if so, how much faster?

The recording from life that you see played back in the YouTube movie is running in "real time" -- every delay made during the recording is faithfully reproduced. The total script playback time is 310.1 seconds; the duty cycle of that playback is 20%, meaning that 80% of that time is spent waiting (expending "think time").

Can it be run faster? The answer is yes!

By adjusting the Playback Wait Time Multiplier to 0 the playback runs at a 95% duty cycle, with a total playback time of 59.8 seconds. There's no unnecessary waiting at all by the playback engine; all of the waiting time is for the SalesForce application and website to respond.

Here is the Original YouTube Movie and here is the adjusted Full Speed YouTube Movie. Viewer warning: the full speed movie goes by very fast, but rest assured that every test step is there. For a play by play sequence of screenshots you can review the complete Screen Image sequence, which is the same for either version.

Standard Speed Playback
  Full Speed Playback

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