Tuesday, April 9, 2013

SalesForce Example Illustrates eValid Operation

The www.SalesForce.com application, which represents one of the earliest "software as a service" offerings, is well known for its very sophisticated use of JavaScript. Because of its internal complexity, and also in part because the application is under constant modification and update, successful functional testing of the SalesForce application has always been challenging.

Test Script Creation and Playback
The test plan for this example is to log into the account, create a new unique user, add some data to that user's record, confirm that the new user data is present, and then log off. The completed Example 1 Test Script recording was made "from life" using the AJAX Recording Protocol. Here is the Complete Example 1 Explanation.

Here is the sequence of Screen Images taken after each step in the test plan. You can watch a movie of this eValid test scrip playing back (click to view):

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