Thursday, January 24, 2013

New eValid Usage Agreement with CRIM

Beginning in January 2013 the team of software testers at the CRIM Testing and Interoperability Centre, a part of the Canadian Computer Research Institute of Montreal (CRIM) will have easy and direct access to eValid technology for their projects. CRIM members include over 160 organizations of various types, ranging from academic institutions to large-scale industrial enterprises.

Under the supervision of Mr. Raymond Rivest, Senior Test Specialist, all 140+ members of CRIM will have the right to obtain no-cost, short-term "proof of concept" licenses. Given a successful proof of concept project result, all CRIM members can lease eValid on a Commercial License basis for their project(s) on very favorable discounted short-term and long-term licensing terms.

For information about eValid usage within CRIM and taking advantage of the special terms and conditions of this strategic alliance you can contact Mr. Rivest directly at

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