Thursday, August 30, 2012

Monitoring Data Collected By eValid

The use of eValid as a "smart" monitoring agent continues to grow. Customers are finding that eValid can monitor a complex AJAX page, involving complicated interactive transactions, with very high reliability and repeatability.

The key to this is the "structural testing" capability in eValid that works by directly accessing DOM with eValid's DOM manipulation commands. Here is an outline of how Structural/Algorithmic Testing compares with regular record/play testing. In addition, as the chart shows, eValid's Structural/Algorithmic tests can be extended to a fully programmatic mode using the eValid Programmatic Interface (EPI) for C++.

Here is a short description about How Well eValid Works in this kind of monitoring application, taken from the website of our Swiss Monitoring Partner RealStuff Informatik AG. Installations made by them at local companies in Switzerland have relied on the advanced Structural/Algorithmic approach for much of the monitoring done.

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