Monday, August 29, 2011

How to record synchronization points from the GUI?

An eValid user wrote:

I need to make a good recording of an AJAX app, but I need to know how to record synchronization points from the GUI. I don't want to have to manipulate the script at all, please!

That's actually very easy.

The most common synchronization point is "Validate & Synchronize on Selected Text." This is 99.99% reliable even for AJAX applications (there are always 0.01% where you have to resort to "structural commands").

The protocol is simple to follow:

On each page, as you make your recording, select a piece of visible text with the left mouse button so that it is highlighed. Then click eValid: Record > Validate > & Synchronize > Text String, or simply press Ctrl-Y.

You'll see eValid record a command in the Script Window.

Now, knowing that the synchronization logic will wait for the highlighted text that you chose to show up on the screen at playback time, you can then take the next action. Click on a button, click on a link.

Then, wait for the application to settle down and repeat the sequence.

Simple enough. Just remember: Wait --> Sync --> Act, [Wait --> Sync --> Act, --> ...].

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