Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Synchronizing Multiple eValid Instances

In many of our fixed-price PerformanceTest Service Projects a common requirement is to provide a sharp increment in the total number of BUs -- a kind of "step function" for the server stack that acts to "ring out" problems the same way an step function signal does for an electronic circuit.

eValid provides multiple techniques to do this, all of based on the use of the internal synchronization/logic commands such as SyncOnText. When (for example) 100's or 1,000's of eValid BUs are all running in parallel and they are all waiting for a particular DOM element to take on a particular value, the total "width" of the step function measures out to about 1-2 seconds, even when the BUs are located on separate machines.

The real world results we get doing this kind of step function are very interesting because a near-simultaneous burst of new activity can often overload servers, load-balancers, database back-end machine, etc. A lot of performance and diagnostic data in a very short time.

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