Saturday, May 15, 2010

Scaling Tests To 1,000's of BU's

As the web becomes more and more pervasive, and as AJAX applications become more and more sophisticated, having an application that "scales" well in terms of achieved user performance is becoming a critically important issue. As our tests of the AJAX-based Financial Reporting System illustrated, eValid was able to mount 1,000 "Browser Users" instances, or BU's, each running a LoadTest-safe AJAX playback fully independent of each other. Typically we used 100 BU's per machine.

Because of some recent advances, we're now able to run these same kinds of tests, using Cloud-Based resources, with 1,000 of BU's per machine, with extremely good accuracy and reality. Using ten machines in the Cloud equals 10,000 BU's.

To help introduce these new capabilities we are making a special short-term offer of Across-The-Board Discounts on both our PerformanceTest Services and our Server Loading Bundle

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