Monday, May 3, 2010

Financial Reporting System Case Study

It always gets interesting when you're doing something truly real! Here's a summary of one of our recently completed PerformanceTest projects:

  • Our goal was to create and run a series of relatively long (3 min to 10 min) AJAX test scripts, applied against a complex financial analysis website, and with ramped load up to 1,000 emulated users (EUs). The purpose was to identify performance issues at high load levels.
  • The nine scripts recorded from life had ~1,000 lines overall. To make certain that they did not de-synchronize due to loads on the server, we added ~200 DOM-based synchronization commands. Most of these were simple SyncOnText commands, but some involved quite complex structural motion sequences followed by SyncOnElementProperty commands.
  • We ramped up the scenario mix at the rate of +10 EUs per minute for 100 minutes until we had 1,000+ running, using a total of 10 machine image "in the cloud". The playback repeat counts were set quite high so at the end of the startup all of the EU's were running in parallel.
  • At the end of the runs the machines had completed a total of ~6,000 playbacks that accounted for ~500 TeraBytes of download!

Many issues of performance and capacity were resolved with the performance data from this run. Here are additional project details: Financial Reporting System 1,000 User Case Study

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