Tuesday, March 23, 2010

eValid Confirmed Operational With IE9

There has been a lot of interest lately in the new IE9 browser from Microsoft -- which is out for evaluation in a kind of pre-pre-beta release. The question arises: Does eValid work OK with IE9?

We downloaded the IE9 distribution from Microsoft and installed it on a machine running Windows 7 and then launched eValid. As you may know, eValid relies in part on Windows DLLs that are also part of Windows support for the IE browser.

We're happy to report that eValid worked just fine!

The only anomaly we saw was that when you ask eValid to identify the version of IE it is running on, eValid reports that it is IE8, rather than IE9. We're betting that is a simple documentation oversight.

As IE9 comes closer and closer to general release we'll keep on confirming full compatibility. We'll keep users posted of any glitches that occur.

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