Thursday, February 18, 2010

Webinar: Less Is More: Web Application Testing Simplified

Powerful Test-Enabled Browser Saves IT Professionals Development Time and Budget. Test Complex Applications -- Including AJAX -- All From The Same Test Script With The Same Test Engine, Simply and Reliably. Re-use Existing Tests for Functional & Regression Testing, RIA Monitoring and Server Loading.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010
2:00 PM Eastern Time / 11:00 AM Pacific Time

In these tough economic times, wouldn't you like to have your work count multiple ways? Wouldn't management like to see a real force amplifier in your testing? How is that possible in a constantly changing, dynamic web environment?

As if that's not enough of a challenge, add in the complexity of testing an AJAX application, where behavior is context sensitive and asynchronous. No wonder you're overwhelmed.

What you need is a proven solution that cuts test development time, amplifies your efforts, and still is easy on your budget. Thanks to eValid's integrated architecture, you can combine essentially all of the critical parts of web application qualification and performance testing.

The eValid web application testing suite will do this...and more. There is no elaborate learning curve; the GUI is simple and intuitive with simple point and click access to most functions. eValid uses a unique in-the-browser test engine to record internal state information into your script, evoke native events during playback, support AJAX synchronization with DOM manipulation commands, and run multiple copies to impose fully realistic load.

  • eValid Architecture and Structure: How eValid makes life easy for you as you test a web application.
  • Functional Testing: How you can record your test activity so that eValid can reproduce it.
  • Regression Testing: How to validate that what you got is what you want.
  • AJAX Application Testing: How to handle complex, asynchronous web applications safely and reliably.
  • Monitoring: How to feed regularly scheduled test run outputs into your Network Reporting System.
  • Server Loading: How to amplifying your functional tests by a factor of 100+ to let a single script impose realistic server load.

You are cordially invited to attend this free Webinar.

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