Friday, February 5, 2010

Special Promotional Offers

You hear a lot of talk about "economic stimulus packages" these days, so we have added one of our own! For a very limited time -- through 28 February 2010 -- we have put together some very attractive "package deals".
  • Server Loading Projects: Straight 10% across off the total cost of any PerformanceTest Project.
  • Regression Test Bundle with Scripts: We'll deliver the complete eValid Regression Test Bundle and three AJAX-aware scripts -- for a really good price!
  • AJAX Monitoring Bundle, AJAX Master and Two Agents with Scripts and Integration: Get the popular eValid Monitoring AJAX Master Station with full provisioning -- including three ready-to-go scripts -- at a big discount off List Price.
  • 30-Day Email AJAX/RIA Monitoring: Try out our Email based monitoring services, including building you a resilient test script, for just pennies per test.

Please check out the Current Promotional Offers page for additional details. Use the Contact Us to get a detailed quote.

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