Monday, April 13, 2009

Webinar: Server Loading Made Simple

Load Your Web Application With User Emulations -- No Virtual Users!
Two Clicks Gets You A Script And 100+ Users.
Leverage Up To 10,000+ Users With Cloud Computing.

Thursday, 16 April 2009 — 2:00 PM Eastern Time / 11:00 AM Pacific Time

Outline Automation is all around us: in banking, airline reservations, online shopping. More machines, and fewer human agents. In this world, machine performance equals business performance. Because downtime or poor performance - slow response time of your specific application - translates directly into lost revenues.

Fortunately new technologies like eValid provide you with the peace of mind that your Internet Presence is stable and that every customer who uses your web application will be served. Even if your web application uses AJAX - as so many of the newest web apps do - you can still get 100's of actual user emulations from each PC image.

This webinar shows how the eValid functional test engine can record tests quickly, and then put them in "server loading mode" to perform stress and capacity checks of your server.

Speaker Edward Miller, eValid's Chief Architect, will discuss key aspects of use of eValid as a Rich Internet Application (RIA) monitoring engine:
    * How to create reliable, reproducible functional tests of your application quickly and inexpensively.
    * How to provision your test for LoadTest operation.
    * How to create a LoadTest scenario that launches 100's of eValid instances.
    * How to scale the volume of users you expect.
    * How to run eValid LoadTest scenarios on Cloud instances, to get 1000's of user emulations.
    * How to find the "knee of the curve" of response time version total number of users.
    * How to pinpoint bottlenecks and constraint points.
Moderator Rita Bral, VP/Communications of Software Research, will act as moderator for the webinar, drawing upon her years of experience as a communicator (Rita speaks five languages), and her credentials as an event organizer.

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