Saturday, April 4, 2009

eValid Monitoring Demo Upgraded

In an earlier post we pointed out the live demo done by the SuperVisions group in Belgium, which uses eValid to monitor access to various websites and display detailed timing data, using a combination of the GroundWork network monitoring system and the new NagVis graphic representation system from Nagios, for which the SuperVisions team is now the sponsor.

To see the demo go to the Super-Visions IT Peace Of Mind page and log in using the account "demo" with password "demo" to see the monitoring/reporting dashboard.

Under the "S-V_website_infra" [Super-Visions Website Infrastructure] option you'll see a picture of their web support stack, with the servers and associated networks on the left, and the eValid engine simulating a user working the website on the right. In this diagram you can hover over a "checkmark" to see immediate details, or double click on it to see the data expanded.

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