Friday, March 13, 2009

LoadTest Monitor Display, DOM Synchronization Support Items

  • LoadTest Monitor Display Snapshot
    Recently we completed a fairly large server looading project that involved 100's and 100's of simulated users. Along the way we generated this ScreenShot that shows the images of 100 eValid copies (minimized, tiled in cascading form). If you study the 30-second video carefully you can see the individual eValid copies executing individual script steps. Note: The video clip is 20 MBytes and is set up to run in Windows Media Player.

  • Adaptive Playback and DOM Synchronization
    There have been a number of questions lately about how the adaptive playback feature in eValid interacts with the use of in-the-browser DOM-based synchronization. As eValid users may know, adaptive playback is a method built into eValid that allows a playback to compensate for a limited range of changes in the underlying web page. eValid includes this feature because it makes tests less brittle and therefor extends their life.

    Here is a new writeup that gives a detailed Adaptive DOM Synchronization Explanation concentrating on a subset of the available commands that perform this kind of action. We've found that the combination of DOM-based sync plus use of adaptive playback makes a lot of sense when functional tests that are used in "monitoring mode" -- that is, when they are run hundreds or thousands of times a day to confirm continued operation of a complex web application.

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