Saturday, February 7, 2009

Update on eValid Monitoring, New Demo

Here is a minor update on use of eValid functional tests in "monitoring mode" -- that is, running the functional test over and over and having the data the playback generates fed into a database for studying trends.

Monitoring Mode Statistics

We've heard from one customer last week that they are running over 1,000,000 eValid playbacks per month in their application monitoring installation. To do that they have multiple eValid playback agents running multiple tests on each machine.

We think that over 1,000,000 tests per month in a single customer installation is a real milestone for eValid.

Example Monitoring Illustration

In a different context, but still dealing with eValid monitoring agents, the SuperVisions group in Belgium has fielded a demonstration of their implementation of the Groundwork/Nagios monitoring system that includes an illustration of eValid application testing.

To see the demo go to the Super-Visions IT Peace Of Mind page and log in using the account "demo" with password "demo" to see the monitoring/reporting dashboard. Under the "S-V_website_infra" [Super-Visions Website Infrastructure] option you'll see a picture of their web support stack, with the servers and associated networks on the left, and the eValid engine simulating a user working the website on the right.

In this diagram you can hover over a "checkmark" to see immediate details, or click to see things expanded. The graphs typically show the response times for a four-step sequence of viewing a web page and manipulating it.

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