Friday, February 1, 2008

Desktop Safe, Dynamic Page Adaptive, Playback Method

If you have a website where the pages are dynamic -- so that the indexes of where things are on the page change around from day to day -- you may have a situation that is beyond the ability of the eValid Adaptive Playback feature to compensate. For example, if you had the following command in your script:

FollowLink 0 503 ""

this could be replaced with the the 2-command sequence:

IndexElementFind 0 DOWN "nameProp" "uniqueName" "" IndexFollowLink 0

Alternatively, you could also use this 2-command sequence:

IndexElementFind 0 DOWN "nameProp" "uniqueName" ""
IndexElementClick 0 ""

You can use the eValid PageMap feature to identify the appropriate values for nameProp and uniqueName.

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