Wednesday, January 16, 2008

JAVA, PERL, Visual Basic (VB) Programmer Offer

Very soon you'll be reading about the new eValid Programmatic Interface (EPI), being released as part of the newest eValid system V8 update. The EPI exposes the entire eValid product as a resource for programs that can drive the eValid browser directly. Here ia a Technical Specification of this capability.

Our implementations are all in C++/CPP, and we know that environment very well. We slso know we don't have enough skill in some other programming languages. So, we are looking for a few skilled JAVA, PERL, and Visual Basic (VB) programming gurus who can help us convert a few pre-worked C++/CPP programs into the equivalent behavior in JAVA, PERL, and VB programming contexts. In exchange for your conversion work we will provide you with a complimentary license for the new eValid V8 "Programmers Bundle."

For full details on how to get in on this offer, please throw your hat in the ring using our eValid Question Form. Be sure to mention the eValid "EPI Programming Offer", and don't forget to say whether you are a JAVA, PERL, or a VB guru!

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