Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Selected Recent Forum Posts

Here are some selected posts from our eValid forum:

eValid taking a long time to load a page -- Here is a question about possible performance issues when you are using eValid to scan a web page using a regular respression (R.E.) match criteria.

A way to record Alarm commands w/o having to edit them -- Editing eValid commands is really easy, but it seems it is always better of the test engineer can record every thing -- including Alarms -- from the GUI. Here's how...

Help with ID tags that are autogenerated... -- Always a problem because ID tags are so important to keep constant to simplify testing. But here are some ways to overcome this issue.

My application doesn't display well on eValid -- If the web server uses "non-standard" constructions, i.e. HTML that does not meet the minimal standard that is imposed by IE, then you can expect problems. Here is some detail on how to contend with this.

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