Wednesday, June 11, 2014

JavaScript Error in JQuery Examples

A little-known feature of eVald -- but which many eValid users know about and use regularly -- is it's ability to identify JavaScript errors. During test playback, when the browser is active and processing intake of JavaScript components, any JavaScript errors that are detected by the JavaScript thread are reported in the playback EventLog.

Usually such errors are not important, and are caused mostly by typos or other small flaws that do not interfere with operation of the page that includes them. However, we have found a case in which a very severe problem is traced to a JavaScript fault. How the JQueryMobile site's demos page locks up (and how the eValid playback detects the faulty JavaScript passage) is described here: JQueryMobile JavaScript Error Explanation

The "JQuery Mobile 1.3.2 Demos" version, which causes the problem, is labeled as a Legacy Version. The more recent JQuery Mobile 1.4.2 Demos" version works fine! Obviously someone fixed the problem in the excellent JQuery Mobile product!

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