Monday, May 19, 2014

Special ONE Offer for Mobile Testing Project

Here is an offer that is going to be hard to refuse, if you care about supporting your web application on mobile devices.

Our fixed price performance test projects can give you a tremendous amount of insight for ONE very attractive combination of features and delivery times.
  • ONE test script.
  • ONE KPI (Key Performance Indicator) within that test.
  • ONE thousand Browser Users (BUs) ramped up over ONE thousand seconds.
  • In ONE elapsed week from start to finish.
  • At ONE low, very affordable price.
Our experience shows that for most web apps the 1-1,000 users rampup will shake out 99% of your performance problems. All you need to provide is a description of your web application (with any necessary login credentials), and an indication of what KPI you want to measure.
Here is a summary of this special ONE Offer. Here is where to start up your ONE Test Project.