Thursday, April 10, 2014

New eValid V9 Documentation Update

As eValid users know, the online version of the eValid documentation is modified and updated regularly. This version is viewable from the eValid browser face via the eValid: Help > Documentation > User Manual menu pulldown.
Some users, for convenience and flexibility, also want to have the eValid doumentation available as an offline document in PDF. We provide that file in the standard eValid License Support Page that accompanies each eValid installation. Our recent updates to the PDF version bring it into complete synchrony with the online version. Fair warning: it is a hefty document with 1,695 pages of detailed material.
Regular eValid users can obtain their copy from their regular password-protect product delivery license page. Non-users who wish to take a look can make a request and if approved we will provide you the link to this file. Please Use the Contact Us page to make this request.

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