Thursday, March 7, 2013

Additional eValid Patent Issued

In another step aimed at beefing up the Intellectual Property surrounding the eValid product, we are pleased to announce that an additional patent has been approved by the USPTO. Here is the complete USPatent #8,392,890 that issued on 5 March 2013. The areas covered by this patent include such key eValid features as the use of DOM-based synchronization of AJAX test playbacks, and the manipulation of pages in test mode using structural test methods.

This patent joins three other previously issued patents. There are several other patents under consideration by the USPTO that cover additional aspects of the eValid product and the technology used to implement it.

If you're working in this technology area you may want to take a look at the Business Development (BizDev) Opportunities that are based on eValid technology.

Overall these patents support eValid with fundamental and foundational technology for testing web applications through programmatic control of the DOM of a browser for analytic purposes.

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