Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How eValid Supports Software Development Out-Sourcing Firms

We all know that a lot of web application development is out-sourced to very competent technical organizations worldwide. Out-sourcing this work to offshore firms isn't seen as a negative any more -- just a more efficient way to get the job done.

A typical offshore out-sourcing firm has very skilled people who build and deliver a web application -- usually at very attractive (and low) cost.

But, when it comes to testing the web application, the situation can often be quite different. As happened the other day in a conversation with a very bright technical sales rep who contacted us about using his firms services.

When asked about how they test their application, the answer came back that they use special, project-specific tools that are built "in house" by their engineers. But no, those are not either tools nor tests that they can export to their customer, sorry. In-house use only. Trust us.

We believe strongly that that kind of answer serves nobody. Customers have the right to see how their application was tested. But, as our intrepid sales rep went on, all of the "big vendors" make that very difficult for them, because they require the customer to purchase the test engine, often at prohibitively high cost.

 For such situations, when a firm is rightly concerned with delivering a quality product at a fair cost, the eValid solution can break this impasse.

eValid offers the following:
  • A low cost, fully productized solution that competes with the "big guys" products.
  • Full technical support to your team, even if you're working for the customer.
  • Authorization to deliver eValid outputs (your test suite) to the customer.
  • Reseller discount if you buy eValid on behalf of the customer.
  • Rebate if your recommendation leads to a sale of eVaild to the customer.
The point is, eValid makes an ideal test engine for use by companies who don't want to be limited by the contractual norms and sales expectations of the "big guys".