Monday, October 8, 2012

Webinar: Comparative Mobile Device Performance Testing

Comparative Mobile Device Performance Testing

Run Simultaneous Tests of Mobile Browser Web Apps
Full AJAX Realism
Imitate Any Mobile Device
Identify Performance Issues Due To Load
Wednesday, 24 October 2012
2:00 PM Eastern Time / 11:00 AM Pacific Time

QA/Testing/Tuning/Performance projects need to qualify relative performance of complex AJAX web applications -- within strict budget and time constraints -- to make sure their server-stack setups can meet the load for multiple devices.

The traditional methods of studying mobile app performance, based on using HTTP/S simulations or "VUs", don't always work when asynchronous AJAX applications are involved. VU's don't do AJAX. You need a real browser.

eValid mobild device imitation technology methods offer quick-to-create, realistic, and fully synchronized AJAX functional tests. Plus you can lift those tests into parallel performance/loading scenarios that can involve 100's or or even 1,000's of Browser Users ("BUs") per machine.

In this webinar you'll learn: how special eValid commands overcome problems with variable-time playback dependency; how to create full-reality AJAX tests quickly; how to "dress" eValid to imitate ANY mobile device; how to adjust tests to be totally self-synchronizing under stressed AJAX conditions; how to incorporate tests in an eValid LoadTest scenario; how to collecte specific device dependent performance data; how to run 100's or evn 1,000's of tests in parallel using multiple Browser User (BU) instances; and, how to analyze consolidated performance summary data to identify server-stack bottlenecks.

This unique approach demonstrates how eValid becomes a genuine force multiplier in your web application performance testing efforts.

  • eValid Architecture and Structure: How eValid functional and performance testing works.
  • Functional Testing: How to make reliable recordings of AJAX applications.
  • Making AJAX Tests "Desktop Safe": How to augment tests for complete AJAX synchronization.
  • Creating Multi-Device Performance Test Scenarios: How to use the eValid scenario editor to organize realistic multi-device control scripts.
  • Running Performance Tests: How to launch single and multiple-instance runs using "cloud computing" resources.
  • Finding Bottlenecks: How to read the collected data, and how to use other information to help spot server-stack issues.
You are cordially invited to attend this free Webinar.
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