Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Selected User Forum Posts

Beginning in mid-2010 we have directed all technical support questions to the eValid User Forum. We have learned that when one user has an issue, all users can profit from the answer.

Here is an additional selection of some of the posts that we think would be of general interest.
  1. The settings for sourceIndex and elementValue -- Rules about preserving internal variable values. 
  2. Why doesn't eValid support XPATH? -- eValid's internal XPATH capabilities explained.
  3. The value of sourceIndex -- Ways to retrieve the current value of internal parameters.
  4. Synchronize a playback on an invisible property value. -- Unusual ways of achieving synchronization.
  5. My website changes in the middle of the run -- What to look out for when web pages change rapidly. 
  6. The minimum "settling time" -- How much time is spend "rendering" and "settling" a page? 
  7. Text Synchronization -- Details of how to do synchronization on page text.
  8. How do I turn on Application mode or Desktop mode? -- Internal mode change hints.
  9. How well does eValid scale? -- Details on scaling eValid to high repetition counts.
  10. A Dynamic String -- Methods of manipulating a dynamic string.

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