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Can eValid create a non-visible-text validation from the GUI?

An eValid user wrote:
Can eValid create a non-visible-text validation from the GUI?

Yes, there is a programmed-from-the-GUI optional sequence that will automatically construct a command to validate a selected object property. This command works from the PageMap and allows you to validate ANY property that is present in ANY object anywhere on the page.

A word of caution: this command, and the GUI-sequence that leads to it. is somewhat more technical that the vast majority of eValid validations. We put it in there because it was appropriate for completeness -- to have a least one command that digs into the DOM and constructs something in your recorded script for you.

As you can imagine, there are many ways that the GUI sequences can lead you to construction of a script -- "from the GUI" and thereby somewhat automated -- and you might ask, "Why doesn't eValid have a richer set of such GUI sequences?"

The answer lies in this observation: No matter how complex you create the from-the-GUI operations, there will always be some case that you haven't thought of, and then you're stuck. Instead, with eValid our idea was to provide the mimimum amount of GUI-based help needed, consistent with keeping the GUI simple and intuitive. (We have seen some other offerings that boggle the mind with the complexity of the GUI sequences involved!)

So, instead -- to give the user the power needed for the "outside the GUI" case -- we created a simple set of "structural testing commands" that are easy to learn, few in number, and ultimaly can do anything and everything that you need. Here is a link to the manual page for that:

Structural Testing Commands

The set of primitive operations you have with these commands -- get, set, put, find, move, etc. -- are able to handle ANY situation you can imagine.

In effect, rather than try to guess what you might need (and know that there will always be a case in which it "won't work"), we have provided a simple programming tool -- actually a kind of "program the browser" tool -- that is FAR more efficient in terms of your time and effort than an elaborate and ultimately ineffective GUI sequence.

We hope you agree with our simple is better approach to eValid design and operation.

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