Sunday, April 24, 2011

Webinar: The eValid Real Client Loading Solution

Functional Testing of AJAX/Web 2.0 Applications
Server Loading Scenario Development
Server Load Testing with eValid's Real "Browser Users"

Wednesday, 4 May 2011
2:00 PM Eastern Time / 11:00 AM Pacific Time

This webinar will focus on testing AJAX/Web 2.0 applications quickly and realistically. Whether you are focused on desktops, handhelds, or mobile applications, the number of different users makes predicting demand almost impossible. An incorrectly balanced server stack could create delivery contention and delays, and lead to customer click-away -- customers you can't afford to lose.

The eValid client-side testing approach is the original browser based test solution. eValid is a self-contained one-stop real client based solution for all of the most important quality and performance issues of AJAX/Web 2.0 applications. The eValid consolidated approach becomes a genuine force multiplier in your web application testing and loading efforts:

• Achieve effective functional testing of your AJAX/Web 2.0 applications.
• Create realistic loading scenarios with multiple functional behavio
• Impose very large real client application loads on your servers.

The eValid suite meets these requirements in a unified, easy-to-use, and easy-to-understand solution. eValid doesn't require programming skill, doesn't need special plugins or adapters. eValid runs quickly and efficiently. You'll achieve web quality solutions in days or weeks rather than weeks or months.

In this webinar you'll learn these important lessons:

  • AJAX/Web 2.0 Functional Testing: How to record perfectly reliable web application tests, out-of-the-box, including complex AJAX/Web 2.0 playback synchronization issues.

  • Handling Mobile Devices: How to use eValid features to model handheld and mobile devices.

  • Creating LoadTest Scenarios: How to organize multiple eValid functional tests into LoadTest scenarios that model your actual user's activity mix.

  • Running LoadTests: How to launch eValid load testing scenarios that can run 100's, 1,000's or even 10,000's of browser users (BUs).

  • Realistic Data: How to extract detailed performance data from each BU's activity.

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